Wednesday, September 2

Ganesh-utsav 2009


Ganpati sthapana


close-up of the idol



at night timeā€¦



Wednesday, December 24

Diveagar Trip - Nov '08

the company gang

enroute Diveagar

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Diveagar finally

Reached Diveagar after a rough ride due to the bad roads in Tamhini Ghat..

the trip started off with the halt place in front of this Shivaji bust

dinner time.. i always love the crunchy papad in the thali they serve at seaside.. apart frm tht nothing else :D

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on way to the beach for the bonfire

last trip's lessons learnt.. this time these guys were well prepared

ahh it started at least

ok let's click before it dies

nah.. it won't die.. let's sit arnd comfy

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beach artists..

everyone started to show off their artistic side with the sand...

Shreyas and his crown

Swapnil and his err... abstract art

Savita with her castle-cum-shivling-cum-wedding cake pair art

Sandip and Santaji with their tunnel

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starting on a clean slate

intelligent persons can only notice my creation :P

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a few guys went to the beach for the sunrise the next morning.. others slept peacefully

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attempts to tame the sun...

Saturday, December 20


things ppl undergo to make stumps for cricket :)

breakfast pls

madi time... it is good to take madi (a juice) in early morning, not at the time we took or else scroll down

if you were wondering how the madi tasted then... well!
I am glad i didn't have it :D

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time to hit the beach...

the distant person in the pic should have been kept out

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The beach beckons...

cricket... my team lost badly.. the gals in the other team also scored and we guys couldn't.. sigh

i can catch tht one

sea calling

'exam topper' getting toppled

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we had a ball, didn't we?

happy happy :)

passing the V

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I wanna fly....

Shreyas.. liked the pose


stretchable me

u heard and saw synchronised diving.. this is synchronised jumping

took almost 5-6 clicks to get this one

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modes of transport

seems these guys are emulating the famous Brangelina auto-rickshaw ride :D

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